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Labbayk was formed in May 2004, when there was a pressing need for a nasheed group within a Secondary School’s Muslim Society. Thus, Masum, Imran and others showed their interest in the idea and started officially singing in the school’s Islamic events. News spread about the group and therefore a lot of requests were soaring in for the group to perform in events such as weddings, charity dinners, conferences across London and even a night dinner on a boat on the River Thames! The group now consists of Masum born in 1987, Ehsaan born in 1987 and Imran born in 1991, with Ehsaan joining the group in 2006.

The group needed a record label by which they can be represented and have an album produced, so they approached MuslimDot Network which runs a number of companies and websites, notably Ummah Forum which is the biggest Islamic Discussion Forum and also, an Islamic web hosting company. The record showed their full support and enthusiasm of the proposed album, thus the group started going into a recording studio based in Acton and recording all the tracks. They worked hard in preparing their very first album “Rhymes of Praise” which drew world-wide acclaim, in particular the Subhanallah track which was the group’s very first nasheed written and composed in 2004.

While the members of the group are still in education and do other things, they still find time to go to events, rehearse and work on new nasheeds which are to come in the very near future, insha’Allah!
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  1. 25th February, 2011 Maryam says: beautiful nasheeds SubhanAllah but why they are not available to download? please fix them, JazakAllahukhair.
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